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Here’s the idea.

What if we began with a committed group of 5 -10 families? Families, who wanted, no needed to be financially secure and independent. Families who did not want to be dependent on the government in any way other than for common defense? What if all these families needed were a real vision and desire and an example and some guidance? Would your family be willing to be one of them?

Enter Christian Family Business Association. This association provides support, forums for problem solving, support logos, and most importantly training in the form of classes, CDs, role playing and interviews with successful business owners.

Imagine the impact of:

10 Christian families making $1 million a year ($10mil/yr)
100 Christian families making $300 thousand a year ($30mil/yr)
1000 Christian families making $100 thousand a year ($10 mil/yr)

That is a total of $50 million a year from 1110 families. Can you begin to imagine the impact we could have by getting out of debt and supporting worthwhile charities? Not to mention the legacy it would leave as each of those families are the beginning of a multigenerational heritage. What if each of those families had 10 children who did the same thing?

With 5 million people in Colorado, what kind of an impact could this have in the Denver area alone? What if every one of these families only supported one another in business and helped one another’s businesses by patronizing like minded Christian businesses? What if each family mentored one other family to do what they did? What if you didn’t have to do business with anyone who wasn’t a like minded Christian like you? What if you knew a family who owned the restaurant, the dry cleaners, the feed store, the hardware store, the barber shop, the home builder, and every other business or service you would use?

What is a CFBA Membership?

There is no cost or obligation to attend classes and classes are voluntary. However some training tools, CD’s etc would be made available for purchase.

One of the goals of the CFBA is that some investor/attendees may wish to purchase existing or new businesses and post these business opportunities to offer to others who have been thru the classes and would have an interest.

Monthly classes are held one Saturday each month and are designed to cover Biblical business principals, and to discuss ideas and business concepts.

Adults or Children 12 years old or who are interested in learning to own and operate a business any time in the future are encouraged to attend.

Attendees may borrow or purchase a Millionaire Management training manual for each class.

Attendees who can learn from a 2-3 hour class setting are welcome. Soliciting attendees for any business or employment opportunity outside of their current employment is strictly prohibited, unless posted and approached by the attendee.

Current business owners are encouraged to attend and to share thoughts and ideas from each class.

CFBA is non-denominational in teaching. The discussion and study of Biblical doctrine is requested to be done outside of CFBA classes.

CFBA classes are for current business owners, future business owners, current employees who would like to learn about business ownership with their children.

The CFBA is an affiliate of the Buildings for Babies Foundation, which is a nonprofit

We believe:

  • We can change our culture through family business and economics.

  • We can change our culture and economics through turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

  • Why should a multi-generational vision stop with your family? Spread it to others!

  • We have all heard the over used expression “all it takes for evil to rule the world, is for enough good families to do nothing”…. The homosexual community is taking over the business world.

We ask that you prayerfully consider attending the next CFBA meeting.

Your next step would look something like this:

  1. Pray and seek God for His desire for your life financially and your family’s vision.
    Study: Prov. 22:29, Ec 5:3, Rom 12:11, I Thes. 4:11-12, I Cor 7:21, Prov. 12:9,
    Prov. 17:2, Prov. 22:7, De 15:6, De 28:12, Ps 37:21, Mt. 6:19-34, I Tim 5:4,8; Pr
    13:22, Pr 22:1, De 8:11,17-18, II Thes 3:10-13, Pr 31:10-11,31, Pr. 19:15, Ec 10:18,
    Pr 19:14, Mt 25:21, Pr. 1:23, Pr 13:7,8,11,18,22 and others.

  2. Take your foot off of your financial brake – Attend the next CFBA monthly meeting.
    Talk to some like-minded families to gain insight.

  3. Set some short and long term goals – It is okay to not make them…

  4. G.O.O.D. Planning! Get Out of Debt planning…

  5. Seriously consider starting your own business – even if it is part time, you can receive a lot of tax advantages, and begin making extra money to go toward debt.

  6. Crystallize the Family Vision – does everyone in the family know why the family is moving in the direction we are and what the benefits will be?

Join the CFBA

Become a CFBA Network Partner

CFBA Network Partners are Christian Family Businesses who have completed the CFBA Biblical Management course and are commited to upholding Biblical Principles in business. The CFBA Network allows Christians to network together as customers or as apprentices.

CFBA Network Partnerships include:

  • A Business listing with your logo and a link to your website on the CFBA Network page.

  • An Opportunities listing for Apprentice or Employment opportunities on the CFBA Business Opportunities page

  • Encouraged to participate and contribute to the Biblical Management training classes as well as the quarterly "Think Tank" discussions and yearly retreats at the Buildings for Babies Ranch.

  • CFBA Network Partners are also encouraged to be on the board and share challenges and ideas as well as mentor a group of 3 -6 apprentices.

There is a quarterly fee to become a CFBA Network Partner of $300 per quarter or $1,100 per year.

If you are currently a Christian Business owner and would like more information on how to become a CFBA Network Partner, Contact Us

CFBA Network Application Form

Become a Member of the CFBA

It is free to become a member of the CFBA. Simple submit the membership application as detailed below.

Click Here for a CFBA Membership Application or feel free to Contact Us

Application Instructions:

  • Print out and complete application. Please include signatures at the bottom.

  • Mail, Fax or Email the application to the contact information below.

7344 S. Alton Way Ste. 8-F-D
Centennial, CO 80112
(720) 200-9999 phone
(720) 206-1968 fax