Christian Family Business Association

About the CFBA

Mission Statement

The vision of CFBA originated in the Denver metro area, and was to start taking dominion of the city for Christ thru apprenticing 200 families to own and operate their own family business. The CFBA offers a long term voluntary 2- 5 year apprentice program to disciple families who will then be trained to mentor other families in business, success and Godly principles of money management. We are looking for families who would like to join us in this endeavor either as sponsor families, or families desiring mentorship and fellowship in building a family business of their own. With the CFBA team of experienced business owners, there are many, many ideas of part time and full time businesses that your family can learn and be apprenticed in.

The CFBA is a non denominational, nonprofit organization that plays several key roles among others.

1.     Free Monthly business training classes: The CFBA offers a no or low cost apprentice program for not only individuals but also the Christian Family.  We have monthly classes, quarterly “advisory board” sessions and 2-3 annual retreats where we apprentice and train families to own and operate a business.  Many families aren’t ready to “jump” into owning even a part time business right now, but would like to start being apprenticed and get the training either for themselves down the road or for their children 12 and older.

2.     Future Business Ownership Opportunities: The CFBA Board of investors may make available on the website existing and/or start up business opportunities for families to evaluate as they get ready to launch their own business. The CFBA family members will have access to the monthly, quarterly and annual sessions, as well as personal mentorship and business training and other Biblical business management CD’s and materials. See website for info on the Annual retreats and resources.

3.     Business owner Network & Advisory Board: For current Christian Business owners, who are attending or have completed the CFBA “Biblical Management” course, they are able to participate in the “Advisory Board” sessions.  They will also have the opportunity for their businesses to be listed on the “Business network” page on the website, where other Christian consumers are able to search and find businesses that are committed to the CFBA Biblical business standard.  Even though the business will be listed on the website for as little as $300.00 per year, ($25.00 per month) part of the condition of being listed would be that these current business owners are encouraged to participate and contribute to the Biblical management classes each month. Current business owners may qualify to be on the Advisory board and are encouraged to share challenges and ideas and mentor a group of 3 -6 apprentices.

4.     Business Investment opportunities: The CFBA anticipates purchasing existing businesses, assisting families with start up businesses, in order to provide opportunities for Christian Families who have been thru the apprentice program to take over or earn the stock/ownership. This provides investment opportunities for successful Christian business owners who may choose to be involved in the investing, selection and screening of businesses to purchase and making decisions about the families who would be qualified to operate the business with a predetermined business plan, which would give them the opportunity to earn the ownership of the business for themselves. 

From the wife’s perspective

My job, as a wife, has not been to be the provider, but the minister and support of the provider.
The most critical part of this job is in attitude. I had to learn to support my man regardless of his plan. There were times when I didn’t like his plan, didn’t see it working and was sure that if he’d just listen to me, I could tell him a better plan. I had to learn to forsake my own ideas of what he should do, and support him regardless of how he chose to get the job done. My job is to believe in him. When my husband came home one day when still working his job and trying to build a business on the side, he stated that he was going to make $100,000 that year, and regardless of his past failures, I chose just to take him at his word. Read More

Advantages of Being Successful in Your Own Business

  1. Control of your own earning potential

  2. Control of your own hours

  3. Control of your convictions - no boss to ask you to do something that violates your conscience or principals.

  4. Children, spouse, extended family, and friends can participate

  5. Can transfer business ownership to adult children

  6. Control of money and time to give to charities

  7. Money no longer controls all your decisions

  8. Not a slave or depending on another man

  9. Daughters (and sons) don’t go out and work for another man. They can learn the
    principles of entrepreneurship and contribute to the success of their own father’s and families rather than the success of another man, while learning skills that will assist them in their later lives. You can now teach your children when you rise up, when you walk along the way and when you lie down at night.

Disadvantages of Being Successful in Your Own Business

  1. Becoming too involved in the business yourself and not having family involved

  2. Making finances the #1 priority

  3. Pride – thinking you are the cause of success

  4. Association – the success that money brings can often be worldly

  5. To whom much is given, much is expected – responsibility

  6. Become comfortable, lazy, slothful

  7. Requests for charitable giving create new challenges as you have $ to give

  8. Frivolous spending

  9. Losing children due to no family vision or involvement with children

    What is a CFBA Membership?