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For literally thousands of years, the family was the center of life and commerce. Children were viewed as blessings to a family partly because of the industry and financial gain a family received from having many children. Children tended livestock, milked cows, cooked meals, mucked stalls, cleaned, and generally assisted their parents in daily work. By 12 years old young boys were expected to become men and to help work in the fields, hunt, and fish and learn to provide for their families. Many young men 12 and older were groomed by this age to take all of the responsibilities of providing and protecting the family in the Fathers absence. Fathers teaching the young men to have wisdom from God’s word, right along with learning to fight and shoot was a critical part of everyday life.

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Heritage Defense

We at Christian Family Business Association ( believe all Christian Families should be a Heritage Defense Member. 

Both public and Home School families may find this program very valuable over the next few years. If you haven’t joined yet, check out the benefits of being a Heritage Defense member.

Don Hart is the founding attorney for Heritage defense and was the legal counsel for Vision Forum who also founded the San Antonio Christian Film Festival.   

We have come to know Don as a man of passion and vision for the legal rights of the family. Please consider supporting this fantastic organization.

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